Ana Paulina
Flores de la Torre

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico and with a background in Design, Paulina completed the Social Design program at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she currently lives. She enjoys participating in projects that challenge dominant narratives and promote empathy towards other realities. For her, art and activism are powerful tools to encourage solidarity and other human qualities.

Juan Carlos
Vértiz Márquez

Juan is an industrial designer who studied at the Architecture Faculty at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City. Currently, he is based in Vienna, Austria. With a diverse portfolio of projects, Juan has contributed to the development of products and strategies in rural communities, as well as created ephemeral architecture for music festivals and public art interventions.

Paul Takunda

Paul is a creative concepter and artist with a background in communication design and advertising. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, he studied in Stuttgart, Germany, and now lives and works in Vienna. He is focused on communicative strategies that build bridges and connect people.


Sofia studied Design at the Free University of Bolzano, Italy. She worked as a graphic and exhibit designer for the Press Office of the Free University of Bolzano and for the graphic design studios Studio Folder in Milan, Italy, and Studio Polizzi in Bolzano. Sofia is strongly convinced that novels and practical collaborative experiences can teach more than thousands of lectures.


Elisabeth has a background in environmental management, with a focus on rural development. Currently, she works in the field of urban development, where she designs participatory processes for community engagement. Born in Germany and raised in Austria, Elisabeth is currently studying Social Design at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.
The project Narratives of Water was initiated in 2022 as part of the master's thesis of Ana Paulina Flores de la Torre.

The goal then, as now, was to collect different, real narratives around the topic of water. In the context of a global crisis, we continue to investigate this topic artistically so that we may all advocate for a solidary and sustainable society in which human rights are not a privilege.

The realization of the project takes place within the framework of the Social Design Studio at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.