eco del agua – lectures

Eco del Agua (Echo of Water) was an open call intended to give water a voice that could transcend boundaries and borders.

The works created by Mexican students for the exhibition Narratives of Water aim to encourage the public in Vienna to reflect on their individual relationship with water and their responsibility within the global context.

Session 01

Delfín Montañana

Delfin Montañana is a biologist with a master’s degree in Urban Development Projects. He is the coordinator of Isla Urbana’s environmental education program La Carpa Azul [The blue tent].

In this session, he introduced us to the problems Mexico City faces in relation to water and the areas with the greatest water scarcity. He also talked about the relationship between people and water, the gender factor and its implications, as well as Isla Urbana’s advocacy strategies and the implementation of rainwater harvesting systems.

Session 02

Herwig Turk

Herwig Turk is an Austrian multimedia artist. Since 2016, he has focused his work and research on landscapes and rivers such as the Tagliamento and, more recently, the Danube.

During this session, Herwig demonstrated his artistic approach towards the water theme and shared some fascinating facts about Vienna's management of water and natural resources, particularly regarding the Danube and the Lobau National Park.