Sofia Zorzi

85% Water

Mixed media installation

The statement that 85% of an apple is water is an oversimplification. In reality, this figure represents the water content of an apple at the time of purchase, but it fails to capture the complex water requirements involved in apple production.

The 85% water project delves into the various processes of apple production to examine the specific water needs associated with each stage. Through interviews with the key actors involved in these processes, the project seeks to uncover the intricate relationship between water and apple cultivation.

The research takes place in Trentino, a province located in the North of Italy. The region's mountainous terrain poses challenges for agriculture, necessitating the establishment of water resource management cooperatives by farmers since the 1700s. These cooperatives were instrumental in constructing irrigation infrastructure to mitigate the high costs associated with cultivating apples in this hostile environment.

The interviews also explore concerns about climate change and its potential impact on apple production. Recent drought conditions have rendered apples more susceptible to fungal diseases, resulting in smaller sizes and less vibrant colors. This has caused financial losses for farmers who are unable to sell these apples as first-quality produce, instead classifying them as second-quality or redirecting them for industrial processing.

Through this research, the 85% water project sheds light on the intricate relationship between water, apple production, and the challenges faced by farmers in adapting to changing environmental conditions.

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