Narratives of Water

Riot shield made from rain barrel, 130 Liter container

Reproduction, ready-made sculpture

This work was created by Ana Paulina Flores de la Torre, Juan Carlos Vértiz Márquez, and Paul Takunda Chiwona, who are part of the Narratives of Water collective.

In some regions in Mexico, communities have to demonstrate and defend their right to water against governmental mismanagement.

“Es una guerra […] para poder sobrevivir, para poder seguir trabajando, para alimentar a mi familia”.
“It is a war […] to be able to survive, to be able to continue working, to feed my family.”

– Victor Velderrain, Mexican farmer

The riot shield is a reproduction of a real improvised defensive object, crafted by a Mexican protester. On the other hand, the 130 Liter container displays the average water consumption of a Viennese citizen per day. The two buckets, though made from the same material, illuminate dichotomous realities: One of forceful defense, and one of self-evident consumption.

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