Michael Akstaller

Touching Waves

Audio Installation

In between both floors, Michael Akstaller engages in a captivating performance, manually activating the materiality of the space. This performance is recorded and played back into the room, allowing the mid-range sounds to traverse the space, crawling along the circular ceiling and diffusing throughout the surroundings. Akstaller draws inspiration from the concept of radial pressure distribution in a water reservoir, envisioning the water pressure that once supplied the neighboring apartments as he playfully interacts with the space using his hands. The result is an ethereal blend of non-material but physically perceptible sound, which activates a profound connection to the surrounding neighborhood. As Akstaller's piece intertwines with the constant hum of traffic noise seeping into the building, the venue becomes an evocative setting for meaningful conversations about water and its profound impact on our lives.

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