ONE WAY BOAT – An eco-conscious Danube adventure


This work was created by Into.Wild, a collective consisting of Michelle Abert and Liam Strasser.

The story centers around an extraordinary 1000 km journey down the river Danube, undertaken by Michelle Abert and Liam Strasser with a strong determination to bring attention to the unseen. Their adventure began aboard a self-built boat crafted entirely from recycled materials, serving as a powerful symbol of their dedication to environmental consciousness. The primary objective of their expedition was to raise awareness about the issue of contamination caused by solid waste in natural water resources. Throughout their voyage, they diligently collected water samples from various locations along the Danube, conducting thorough analyses to identify and quantify the presence of microplastics in the samples. By focusing on the contamination of natural water resources, the collection and examination of these water samples provide valuable insights into the environmental impact of plastics. Plastic materials, often produced and consumed as disposable products, significantly contribute to the pollution and contamination of water sources, underscoring the need for heightened awareness and action to address this pressing issue.

Following their journey, the adventurous duo embarked on the production of a documentary to provide an encompassing view of the extensive spectrum and magnitude of stressors faced by the Danube and its biodiversity. This documentary stands as the first Austrian film that brings together the perspectives of ministries, scientists, experts, and private individuals on this pressing topic. By incorporating diverse viewpoints, the documentary offers a comprehensive overview of the challenges and threats faced by the Danube River, shedding light on the collective efforts required to preserve its ecological integrity.

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