Hybrid Dessous

Wasser tragen: Eine hybride Bademodenkollektion

Mixed media installation

Hybrid Dessous (Marlene Hübner & Amelie Schlemmer, textile artists, social designers) in collaboration with: Susanne Mariacher (social designer, artist), Simone Körner (tailor, photographer, performance artist), and Joanna Zabielska (social designer, artist).

The daily life of Floridsdorf residents intertwines with the waters of the Danube, prompting questions about the role of bathing in their routines. Over time, the relationship between Floridsdorf residents and water has undergone changes, shaped by evolving societal dynamics and environmental factors. Looking ahead, what does the future hold for Floridsdorf's bathing culture? Situated at the confluence of urbanity and water space, Floridsdorf serves as a meeting point where the heat of the city is counterbalanced by open, public bodies of water, offering respite and fostering social connections.

To explore the theme of “Bathing Culture in FloDo,” the participatory art project “Carrying Water” was conceived. This project delves into the intricate nuances of Floridsdorf's bathing culture. Through artistic research and site-specific exploration, a hybrid swimwear collection has been developed, blurring the boundaries between urban everyday life and bathing experiences. This collection challenges societal clothing norms by defying clear categorization and embracing versatility.

The handmade pieces in the collection serve multiple purposes. They act as thermometers, reflecting the weather and climate, while also functioning as social mirrors, capturing and reflecting the dynamics and values of the community. Furthermore, they serve as indicators of proximity to water and bathing areas, symbolizing the deep connection between residents and their aquatic surroundings. During performances, individuals adorned in these pieces carry water from the Danube to Pius-Parsch Square, symbolizing a flowing connection between the river and the city, and reinforcing the bond between Floridsdorf's residents and their cherished water sources.

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