Elisabeth Utz

Es fließt wo anders weiter

Mixed media installation

The work “Es fließt wo anders weiter” (It Continues Elsewhere) by Elisabeth Utz offers a critical examination of the ski industry's continuous growth, exploring often hidden or overlooked aspects. Utz's journey to Innsbruck in June 2023 allowed her to connect with individuals in the ski industry and engage in discussions with experts, focusing on crucial topics such as water consumption, underground infrastructure, and landscape transformation. By gathering extensive experiences and knowledge from various sources, she comprehensively understands the industry's impact. As this exploration takes place during the summer, it evokes a sense of unease and contemplation regarding the forthcoming winter and its implications for the environment and society.

Expanding on the exploration and critical examination in Innsbruck, Utz presents a visual journal comprising eight chapters. This visual journal serves as a platform to amplify the voices of those directly experiencing and witnessing the changes caused by the ski industry. Utz incorporates quotes from interviews conducted during her journey, integrating them into an installation inviting reflection and dialogue.

The eight chapters of Utz's visual journal cover a range of themes, including the involvement of local actors, water sourcing for artificial snow, the water cycle versus consumption, the ski industry's messaging, environmental degradation, the creation of artificial landscapes, the dominance of human interests over nature, and circumventing legal regulations.

Through these chapters, Utz's visual journal stimulates critical reflection and initiates conversations about the ski industry's impact on the environment, local communities, and society. Utz aims to deepen our understanding of the complex issues surrounding the industry's growth and its implications for our world by incorporating personal narratives and employing visual installations.

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